"Black Moon Howl is gravity-defying Indie Psych Blues Rock" – C&I Studios.

band bio

Black Moon Howl emanates from the brains, mouths, and limbs of Steve Jones & Julian Peterson. 
Eponymous EP recorded at the Farm of Wolves in Longmont, CO.
Black Moon /blak mün/ (noun): the rare occurrence of a second new moon within a single month.
Howl /haʊl/ (noun): vocalized longing.

A Wolf Den Records band.

Steve Jones & Julian Peterson

Steve Jones & Julian Peterson


Unique lyrics

Steve Jones is not only a versitile musician, he is also a Fulbright Scholar with a PhD in Literature and an MA in Film. No wonder he  creates such powerful songs. With a penchant for soulful and cinematic stories, his lyrics resonate with human experience. 

Guitar Genius

Julian Peterson is a humble guitar genius, and a Berklee College of Music alumnus in songwriting. As a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer, his music is vulnerable, strong, and energetic. 


Black Moon Howl was selected for the 53:14 Music Video Experiment. 
 It premiered at the Lyric Cinema during FoCoMX Music Festival 2018.

Director: John E. Hunt of Arcadian Pictures